Thursday, 7 July 2011

A spot of Carrot and Parsnip soup!

Just for a change, today hasn't gone as planned! My to do list has not become any shorter and I'm not feeling particularly satisfied. I did however, decide to make myself some carrot and parsnip soup for lunch. "That doesn't sound that unusual" you say. Well, actually, it is for me. I have never liked soup so why I felt like making some today totally escapes me but there you go. It may have a lot to do with the fact that I am trying to keep to below 1200 calories a day. No mean feat I can tell you, I could easily consume that in coffee alone! So the soup, yes, I bunged the carrots and parsnips (totally random amount) into a saucepan with some water. Boiled them half to death and then whizzed them up with a bit of salt, parsley and butter. Believe it or not, it was edible. I even managed to consume almost half of the bowl! There it is in all it's orange glory. Yes, I know its very thick for soup but as I may have mentioned, I'm not a soup fan. So I left it nice and thick.
Now, what else didn't I do today? Well, I didn't revamp my website like I was going to, didn't complete lots of articles for the magazine, totally forgot to order some more beading wire and probably lots more. But I did pick up about 250 toy dinosaurs off my living room floor after the small one upended the box and refused to put them back in, and I did repair a dragon who repeatedly came apart much to his annoyance. Tescos did arrive and amazingly there were no bizarre substitutions today and the driver was very nice and not pervy like the one who delivered the other week. (eww shudder)

Ah, now I promised you a picture of my boys with their new PE bags cleverly created by Maria from Minxtures. Obviously the smaller one chose a spider (he has a thing about insects!) and the creature on the bigger ones bag is the pokemon Cyndaquil. I am expecting these to cause quite a stir at school but should hopefully mean that they are more noticeable amongst the sea of Navy Blue plastic ones. Please excuse the state of the kitchen. Maria is an absolute whizz with a sewing machine so make a note of her shop address for a later time.
Well, I'll let you get on. I must, also, as the bigger one has a friend around from school and he is in full show off mode. I give them about another 15 minutes before the smaller one gets fed up and starts causing trouble.
Ta ta for now my friends.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Right then, here we go! Don't expect too much!

I became so bored with writing my blog that I just gave up doing it completely!! I was trying to use it to promote my businesses which just isn't very interesting is it. So, here I am, reinventing it completely and making it far more general. I can't promise that I will write that often as time is something I don't have much of but you never know, I may catch the blogging bug again.

So where am I today? Well, I am currently sorting out articles and blog posts for Creative Crafting Magazine, managing three twitter accounts and running about after my 3 (almost 4 as he keeps telling me) year old son. I must quickly tell you that we did manage to get away for a few days the other month. First time in years, short weekend trip down to Cornwall with my mum and dad, Mr Wonderful (aka, my husband) and my boys. I was far too short but lovely, apart from Midnight wanderings by the small boy which caused me to fall down the stairs! But enough about that, we did have fun. One thing that particularly amused us was the row of cupboards in the kitchen of our lodge. They had no handles and as well as cupboards hid a fridge, freezer and washing machine. Now, my mother and I had great fun with this especially  the freezer as it was extremely elusive. It soon became clear that it only exposed itself to men as only Mr Wonderful and my father could actually find it. And no, we hadn't hit the wine by this point. lol. Anyway, here is an image of the aforementioned row of cupboards.

Yes, I know, there doesn't look very many cupboards but it kept us amused for a good hour or so for some reason. I may be going slightly batty but lets keep that between us shall we.

What else have I been up to other than work - Ah yes, I was asked by the small boy to make him a scorpion. An orange one no less! It was quite a task but after spending an entire Sunday at it, here is the result.

My son is desperate for me to include a photo of him with his new PE bag that was kindly made for us by Marie at Minxtures but I will save them until I have a shot of his older brother with his. Now I am sure there are lots of other things I could mention but I think I've taken up enough of your time so I'll leave it there for today, I could waffle on for hours but who wants that! I should also get some work done.
Bye for now my friends.
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