Wednesday, 1 August 2012

There are WAY too many dinosaurs in my house!

There are WAY too many dinosaurs in my house! The small boy loves them - along with bugs! Eww!
We have hundreds of toy plastic and rubber ones, cuddly ones, pictures, books, magazines, computer games, you name it! And I have also discovered that under foot they are even more painful than small cars! Ouch!

Now when he has a bath he often takes a couple of the small ones and the odd bug or two in with him. So when I asked him the other day to choose a dinosaur to take in with him that is what I was expecting! How wrong was I!

It took a while but I did manage to talk him out of this one. I shall be putting him in the bath again later! 
Wish me luck!

Before I forget. The August issue of Creative Crafting came out today!

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