About me

Hi there,

It's me, I'm here! Yes, I am a little bit nuts but that's part of my charm.
I originally used this blog for business purposes but I bored myself stupid and this lead to me not blogging! So I've now changed it to being more me. I would like to be able to tell you what I will be writing about but I am afraid it could be abosultely anything so please bear with me.

If you are still interested in knowing a bit more about the professional me rather than the manic wife and mother of two, I have included my usual bio for you.

Anna-Marie, ‘The Crystal Lady’ has been fascinated by rocks and minerals from being a small child. This fascination was rekindled four years ago when she trained and began work for a jewellery stringing company repairing and creating all kinds of jewellery for jewellers around the country.

After the birth of her second child she created her first brand, ‘Radiance Crystals’ using beautiful Swarovski Crystals. Six months later the ‘Mystic Earth’ range was created and she took a course in Crystal Healing. Now trading under the name of ‘Crystal Lady Designs’ our ‘Crystal Lady’ is becoming well known on the web. Not only for her beautiful Crystal and Healing Jewellery creations but also for founding the Professional Crafters Guild.

The PCG, founded in July 2011 is a resource for small craft businesses to gain the recognition, support, help and tools that they deserve.

Love this hat! :)

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