Saturday, 11 September 2010

Who am I?

It's been a while!! Sorry, life has been very hectic.
September brought about a big change in our household. Not only did the bigger one go back to school, (different class and teacher, big thing!) but the smaller one also started pre-school. I think it was actually a bigger deal for mummy than 'himself' as he had been looking forward to it for ages!
Apart from a slight blip (or rather screaming tantrum) about ten minutes after I had left him on his first day, he seems to have settled into the routine very well. I now enjoy a couple of hours a day when I can actually be myself. I haven't quite remembered who this is yet so it is all a bit strange but I am rather enjoying it. Surprisingly, I am not managing to get more work done. I am finding that the opposite is happening but the house is in better order. So now, I am waiting for the 'me' that I used to be to re-emerge! Has she gone forever, or is she just hiding? Personally I think she is biding her time until she has a little more of it! This is made abundantly clear as I attempt to write this whilst being harassed by the smaller one to tidy up the mess that he has created. Mums are people too! Aren't we?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kindred Spirit Summer Special

The Kindred Spirit Summer Special is available to purchase from Mystic Earth

Comes with FREE Luanne Oakes 'Sound Healing' CD SOUND HEALING: including Jill Purce, Lyz Cooper and Stewart Pearce plus a review of Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s workshop. AROMATHERAPY: The use of aromatherapy to lift the spirit and enter a vibrationally higher state KUNDALINI: How to raise this important energy. FINDING YOUR OTHER HALF: Declan Kerr writes on how you can shift your energy to attract the right person to you. CRYSTAL ENERGY: new research by Nat and Tony Bondar into how crystals can affect your energy body. SPIRITUAL WEALTH ATTRACTING: Dream investing, how to change your vibrations to attract wealth. QUANTUM K web-based healing experience: Andrew Kempton on the amazing healing properties of his Quantum K. VORTEX HEALING: Founder Ric Weinman writes about this amazing modality. Treatment Review: Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Seema Somaiya Communion: Howard Baker writes on the tyranny of the brain and how personal vibrations are stifled by thought. Gaunts house anniversary celebrations / Asha centre inauguration report / DNA Activation / Butterfly and sea essences / Spiritual Dublin / Power of Shakti, Belgium

Monday, 21 June 2010

We have a lovely garden friend! :-)

For a few weeks now, we have had a lovely new friend that lives in our garden.

Isn't he gorgeous!

He's by far the biggest hedgehog I've ever seen, although this isn't really surprising as our garden is hedgehog heaven! We have far too many slugs and snails for my liking, as our mulitlated sunflowers can tell you. We often see him (or her, I'm not sure how to tell at this distance) carefully picking his way across the lawn at tea time. Also, occasionally early in the morning. I was concerned at one point though as I spotted him legging it out of the gate and then didn't see him for a few days but as I was repeatedly told, he was back.
Anyway, I hope he chooses to stay with us for the summer as the children (and I) love to see him. He has been fondly named 'Andy' by the smaller one.

I just have time to pop on a photo of a small selection of pendants available on Mystic Earth
There is a choice of suede thong, silver plated or sterling silver chains to go with them.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Sale Selection

I have a small selection of pieces on sale on Mystic Earth

Pop along and see if anything takes your fancy. If you happen to love pink or Rose Quartz than you are definately in luck.

FREE Incense Sticks with every order over £5

Mystic Earth now has new items on our SALE page.

We are also offering a Special Summer FREE gift.

Every purchase over £5 (before p&p) will entitle you to 25 10" Incense sticks FREE.

Choose from beautiful 'Dragons Blood' or 'Citronella'

Citronella is perfect for this time of year when alot of us entertain outside but then get nibbled by insects. Citronella is natures Insect Repellant.

Don't forget to fan our FACEBOOK page to keep up with our offers.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Buy the new issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine

The July/August issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine is now available to purchase from Mystic Earth.

ANIMAL HEALERS: In a major 5-7 page feature, we speak to animal healers, communicators and therapists about their beliefs regarding animals and their amazing experiences. With around 45% of the readers being therapists/ teachers there will be extreme interest in training to apply their skills to animals also in their various areas of the World. SUNDOGS and their implications for life on earth: John Martineau exclusively presents his research into this fascinating celestial phenomenon and what it means for us here on Earth. RAINBOW DREAMDANCE feature: The Dance is a prayer ceremony led by Arwyn DreamWalker, a Medicine Woman and lineage carrier of Navajo teachings. The purpose for each year’s Dance is related to the 20 count (a way of calling in powers in prayer). THE M TECHNIQUE: This is a registered method of structured touch, which is much lighter than conventional massage with a profoundly soothing effect. It is a series of stroking movements and has been described as ‘physical hypnotherapy’ and a ‘spiritual dance’. SPIRITUALITY ON A BUDGET: Alison Bayne advises on what you can do to bring greater spirituality into your life without needing to spend a fortune on workshops and paraphernalia. CARMEL BELL interview: medical intuitive who died for 45 mins and is connected to the Jesus mysteries. SPIRITUAL DATING: From Meeting without Masks to building charisma and staying heart-centred, we look at all aspects of spiritual dating. Plus, should you be open about your spiritual beliefs when dating? HEALING THROUGH RHYTHM: Can the sound of drums heal all manner of ailments? Caroline Hopkins examines the evidence. PLUS energy vampires, Magnetic therapy centre review, Nikki Simla, The Field of Love, and A thousand Steps pilgrimage in India.

First published in 1987 Kindred Spirit is the ultimate global guide to positive change. Available bi-monthly each issue covers a range of diverse subjects such as spiritual growth, personal development, complementary therapies, travel, health and much more.
Kindred Spirit online offers a unique insight into the world of mind, body and spirit. We feature articles from the current and back issues and bring you up to date on all the latest Mind, Body and Spirit news and events.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Two New Bracelets Available.

Two beautiful new bracelets available on Mystic Earth

Semi-Precious Aquamarine and Swarovski Crystal. Only £15. You can find it here

Semi-Precious Black Onyx Only £15. You can find it here

Don't miss out!!

Coming soon! Precious Ruby Jewellery.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The June Issue of Creative Crafting is here!!

Another beautiful issue. This one has a lovely blue theme. It also houses the first edition of the 'Crafters Directory'. Hopefully we will see this section grow and grow and help lots of people get traffic to their stores and sites.

If you have anything you would like to add to the magazine, an article, a craft, a project, a recipe. Just let us know and you could get lots of free advertising.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Another custom order complete.

Despite experiencing lots of problems procuring some Rubies, the lastest custom order is now complete and will be on its way to the states next week.
This was a matched Healing Necklace of Aquamarine and Ruby.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mystic Earth now stocks 'Kindred Spirit' Magazine

We are now proud stockists of Kindred Spirit Magazine.

First published in 1987 Kindred Spirit is the ultimate global guide to positive change. Available bi-monthly each issue covers a range of diverse subjects such as spiritual growth, personal development, complementary therapies, travel, health and much more.

Kindred Spirit online offers a unique insight into the world of mind, body and spirit. We feature articles from the current and back issues and bring you up to date on all the latest Mind Body and Spirit news and events.

You can purchase issue no: 104
May/June 2010
for £3.60 + p&p
direct from the
Mystic Earth Website

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mystic Earth has had a facelift!

In honour of Spring, and the Earth renewing itself, Mystic Earth has had a facelift!

Mystic Earth

I like it, I hope you do too. Your thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Great Advertising...pass it on...

The next issue of Creative Crafting magazine is going to include a colourful crafters directory with click through links to everyones websites. It's only £2 for a text link with a description and a button straight to your website. Please join in and grab some cheap advertising (the last issue had over 66,000 views in 2 months) and also to support the team that brings you the magazine. Despite rising costs to produce lets aim to keep our free community magazine available.

You can book your slot on the Creative Crafting Website

Please post this on your blogs and twitter about it, pass it on in any way that you can.
Thank you

Thursday, 8 April 2010

£5 turned into £10 and mummy had no money again!!!

I'm just too soft! I had to take some library books back so thought I would combine it with a little holiday treat for the boys. We went to McDonalds, originally intending on the drive through but the queue was huge so we went in. I discovered something new that I hadn't tried before and was pleasantly surprised. The Chicken Salad Deli Sandwich. Do try one, it was really nice!
Anyway, after fighting our way through that, and two happy meals, 2 plastic dragon toys, (one of which was defective) we set off home again. On the way home I decided to treat them further. I decided that £5 each in Toys'R'Us would be nice!!! Why I would considered this a possibility I don't know. It was never going to end well. Don't get me wrong they both had a great time but somehow the £5 turned into £10 and there you go! Skint again!

The bigger one treated himself to a talking, cuddly pokemon toy that he absolutely had to have to go with all of his others!!! The smaller one now has a transformer which he seems to be quite happy with as the vehicle and doesn't care about it being a robot! Could have just got a standard bin lorry instead!! (Yes, I did say bin lorry, don't remember that one in the film do you?)

Anyway, they seem happy with them at the moment, although they will probably be forgotten tomorrow like everything else. Oh no! I nearly said it!! Wasn't like that when I was young!!
Oh well, was bound to happen sooner or later!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

New issue of Creative Crafting Magazine

Here is our Easter edition of the magazine. Pop it out in the magazine reader and grab a coffee, its a good one!


Wednesday, 31 March 2010

6 weeks since I gave up Diet Coke!!!

I would like to announce that it is now 6 weeks since I gave up diet coke!!!! Yay, go me!! It was all I really drank every day, but then my sister sent me an email about the aspartame sweetner that it contained. Apparently it gives you Aspartame poisoning which in extreme cases has been misdiagnosed as MS. Well, I gave up cold turkey straight after reading this email. It was HELL!!!!!!!!!!! I had the worst headache for a whole week. After this time though I began to feel totally different. I had more energy and I could think far more clearly. Now this may be a coincidence but I don't think so. I did try a small glass of coke a couple of weeks ago and couldn't drink it, it tasted terrible! My problem now is what do I drink? I hate the taste of water, have tried various squashes, carbonated water etc. I went to Tesco today to search for Squashes that didn't contain the dreaded sweetner for my children and do you know, I only found three! Ribena, Vimto and an organic one.(which I bought and they hate!) Why do they put sweetner in drinks that already contain sugar?
If anyone knows of any good drinks for me or my kids pllleeeeeaaassseeeee let me know.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back to school !!! phew!

Another half term survived!!! Just! I love both of my boys to bits but when they get together all day everyday.... need I say more? The sheer volume and all the banging and shouting drives me to distraction. That and all of the extra slave duties back and forwards from the kitchen. Well, its nice to back to normal. Its getting ever closer to when the smaller one starts nursery in September too. Two and a half hours a day just for me, I bet they'll seem like 5 minutes but the quiet will be nice.
The bigger one is going on an overnight residential with the school next month. What a drama thats been, he's going, he's not going, he's going!!!! He doesn't have enough trainers (apparently he needs to take 3 pairs!! What exactly are they planning to do, its only overnight). It will be an experience for him, if he actually makes it there. The smaller one on the other hand still doesn't sleep at night, still downs bottles and bottles of juice and then needs changing completely in the wee(literally) small hours, still pushes me out of bed all night. Sleep, sleep, I miss you!
Lovely husband has also been a big scratchy recently, I think alot of it is due to lack of nicotine!!! He gets his tobacco supplies when my parents come back from their trips and they've been away longer than usual this time. He is so short on golden virginia that he is producing the thinest roll ups I've ever seen!!! Thankfully a friend brought round a packet of reasonably priced stuff yesterday so he should be a bit more human! (well he would be if the shower hadn't packed up on him! Having to have a bath every morning before work doesn't a lovely husband make!)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Crystal Lady 'Movie Director'

I made a short film today!!!! When I got up this morning I found that the bigger one had discovered Windows Movie Maker and was busy creating a film about his favourite computer game. This seemed like fun so I thought I would have a go too. It was fun, once I had worked out how it all worked and you can see the fruits of my labour on You Tube. (Or actually just below here) Its not perfect but its a start.

Friday, 12 February 2010

I'm a bit addicted again!

Oh no!!! Now I'm addicted to beading pendants!!! Don't worry, I'll get over it.

Here are the latest.

Bloodstone (heliotrope) This one is a bit Gothic.

And a Red Jasper

I'm also working on Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, Blue Aventurine and Fancy Jasper.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Look! New stuff!

I have been rather busy!!

My Mystic Earth site now boasts a new selection of gemstone keyrings, phone/bag charms a lovely new Smoky Quartz Stone Circle Pendant necklace. This is the first web covered tumble stone that I have made, it was a nightmare but I think I've got the hang of it now.

Here is a selection of the phone charms

Gemstone keyrings

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New look!!

I thought it was about time my blog had a new look. It isn't completely finished but its getting there. It may develop a little more over the next week or so when I have time to fiddle with it.

I've been rather busy lately doing the magazine and updating my Mystic Earth site. I have added seperate pages for my Crystal Properties and will soon be adding more stones to make it an even more comprehensive guide.

This morning I completed two sets of bookmarks. A set of four for Mystic Earth and more for the Gothic section of my Radiance Crystals site. They are all double sided, laminated and have a lovely charm on the organza ribbon.

These are the Gothic Designs.

These can be found on the Mystic Earth site and have the properties for the stones on the back.

They are £2.50 each. I'm pleased with how they came out.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Our latest issue of Creative Crafting!


Here is our Valentines/Mothers Day issue of the Creative Crafting Magazine. As usual, if anyone would like to get involved and submit anything please feel free to get in touch at

View the magazine and its articles in more depth, also all of our back issues at our website.

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