Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Meet Merrick!

My new advertising aid arrived yesterday!!! She's lovely, I didn't really play with dolls much as a child but I intend to make up for it now. lol

Everyone, this is Merrick!

Her head is fully poseable and I've found that different positions give her different expressions. I'm also hoping to be able to get her more wigs in the future. I do, however, have to practice putting material and clothes around her as she tends to look a bit like Lady Penelope from 'Thunderbirds'. (Think its the skinny shoulder look). lol. Small boy was fascinated when he first saw her, until her wig fell off, then he got worried. Lovely husbands face was a picture too when he came into the kitchen to see her set on my desk. I think she made him jump!

With Merricks help, I have updated the photos for my Crystal Cobweb Necklace. Hopefully it will be making someone sparkle this Halloween.

The necklace can be found on my Radiance Crystals Website and also from my Misi Store

I also have on offer various other bracelets including one of my favourites. The Blood Drop Bracelet

Before I forget, I also have a sale on extra long 'Dragons Blood' Incense sticks on my Mystic Earth Website. Perfect for burning at Halloween.

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Next Issue of our magazine needs a cover!!

We had so much fun putting together the first issue of our Creative Crafting magazine that we have now started work on our next festive issue due out on 1st December.

The amount of readers that we have had is staggering, we are all so proud! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, we are very pleased that you are enjoying it. The Christmas issue will be full of lots of good stuff to make, buy and learn and we thought that we would offer you the chance to play an important part.

We are holding a competition to find the best picture for our front cover. The closing date is 5th November. Please send all pictures to me at:

Whether they are pictures of things that you have made, your kids, your pets or anything else, our only requirement is that they are festive.

I have also been busy this week making beaded rings. They are the first I've made so watch this space for lots more.

Rose Quartz and Swarovski Crystals

Obsidian Snowflake and Swarovski Crystals.

Bye for now!

Monday, 5 October 2009

More Healing Garden Items

Now that the magazine has been published, I got busy with some wire and made 5 more pieces for my Healing Garden.

Amethyst and Moonstone Flower Earrings. These are on my Mystic Earth Site, and also on Misi

Hematite, Quartz and Swarovski Crystal Flower Earrings on Mystic Earth and on Misi

Rhodocroisite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Swarovski Crystal Flower Earrings. Also on my website and on Misi

Blue Lace Agate and Swarovski Crystals on Mystic Earth and on Misi

Peridot Tree Brooch, on Mystic Earth and on Misi

Hopefully, there will be some more to follow. I sold my first healing garden piece yesterday. The flower hair comb.

Friday, 2 October 2009

We've been published!!!

After alllooooooooottt of work, the first issue of our crafting magazine, Creative Crafting has just been published. this last 24 hours has proved to be particularly frantic with humongus files flying backwards and forwards between myself and Avril (Sprinkles Sparkles). The file was so big, we had to search online for an online resource to send it. lol.

It has been quite a journey but we are all very proud of the end product. Now we can start preparing for the Christmas Issue which should be fun. Not forgetting that we all have businesses to run too, so at some point making some Christmas stock may not be a bad idea.

You can view our magazine here
. Or from the bottom of this blog. (The full screen function is wonderful!) If you can, please take time to rate it and leave a comment, also any links in blogs, twitter, forum posts, facebook etc would be fantastically appreciated.


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