Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Some mornings it takes more than that cup of coffee to get you up and going!

This was how I felt that I looked this morning!

I'm hoping that in reality it wasn't quite so bad but you never know. I couldn't sleep last night and decided to read from 1am hence the green around the gills look. I did eventually drag myself out of bed however when a friend and work colleague sent me a text message asking if I was OK! It was only 8.30 but that is late for me. No rest for the wicked. ;)

Anyway, I'm not going to apologise for not blogging since the spider incident as I do that all of the time and it never helps so I intend to just blunder along as if I've been here everyday. (What me! Neglecting my blog! NEVER)

So what am I up to? Well, now that you ask, quite a bit. I have the usual stuff, the next issue of Creative Crafting publishing tomorrow, The Professional Crafters Guild, the odd bit of jewellery for Mystic Earth. I really want to totally revamp Radiance Crystals site with a totally new range but am struggling to find time to do it.

Of course the bulk of my time is taken up over at Creative Connections Crafters Network getting everything organised for the next two CRAFTfest events! This time we are taking bookings for our Anniversary event in September and also the MEGAfest in November for Christmas! So don't miss out if you want a very reasonable way of promoting your business and making new friends at the same time. It is a networking MUST!

On other fronts, it is of course the Summer holidays! So although I am loving having both of my boys home with me it does make getting any work done rather challenging. Partly because I get interruptions every five seconds but also because I would much rather be playing games and watching DVD's with them.

I thought of so many funny stories to tell you all today and I can't remember a single one of them now! So here is a cute picture of an owl in a hat! Just because ...

I was also thinking that Mr CL should take up writing his blog again. Well, I was actually thinking this as I was listening to him the other evening reciting a very long conversation with someone at work word for word! How does he do that? I'm lucky if I can remember it just after it's happened. I think it is a short term memory thing. (I refer you to the paragraph above the owl, what owl? oh that owl)  Mine died many years ago (my short term memory, not my owl, that isn't mine!), if I ever indeed had one! Now ask me what I was wearing on a Tuesday in May in 1991 and I could probably tell you but not what I had for tea last night. That is a huge blank hole in my mind. Strange huh!

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