Thursday, 8 April 2010

£5 turned into £10 and mummy had no money again!!!

I'm just too soft! I had to take some library books back so thought I would combine it with a little holiday treat for the boys. We went to McDonalds, originally intending on the drive through but the queue was huge so we went in. I discovered something new that I hadn't tried before and was pleasantly surprised. The Chicken Salad Deli Sandwich. Do try one, it was really nice!
Anyway, after fighting our way through that, and two happy meals, 2 plastic dragon toys, (one of which was defective) we set off home again. On the way home I decided to treat them further. I decided that £5 each in Toys'R'Us would be nice!!! Why I would considered this a possibility I don't know. It was never going to end well. Don't get me wrong they both had a great time but somehow the £5 turned into £10 and there you go! Skint again!

The bigger one treated himself to a talking, cuddly pokemon toy that he absolutely had to have to go with all of his others!!! The smaller one now has a transformer which he seems to be quite happy with as the vehicle and doesn't care about it being a robot! Could have just got a standard bin lorry instead!! (Yes, I did say bin lorry, don't remember that one in the film do you?)

Anyway, they seem happy with them at the moment, although they will probably be forgotten tomorrow like everything else. Oh no! I nearly said it!! Wasn't like that when I was young!!
Oh well, was bound to happen sooner or later!

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