Friday, 25 January 2013

Have you ever clicked on that 'Next Blog' button up left on your blog?

Have you ever clicked on that 'Next Blog' button up left on your blog?
Because this afternoon (whilst I was supposed to be working) I did!
Now at first you think it may be totally random, but then you realise that there is some method to its madness. From what I can tell the 'next blog' has some loose (and in some cases incredibly loose) connection to the previous one. As you progress through blog after blog it is quite astonishing how far 'off the point' you can go! Eventually you just have to go back to your own blog and start again. Now where will this wonderful adventure take me this time, and so it goes on...

Shall we go on one right now? OK then, off we go ...

Next Blog ---

An Etsy seller who loves sparkly things, I can see the connection here. ;)
You can find Olive hue designs here

Next Blog ---

A bead lover from Malaysia, yes I can still see the connection.
You can find Chatterbeads here

Next Blog ---

Another beady one! This is going way better than the last adventure I had. That one ended up in a foreign language I couldn't understand!

You can find Bead Art Originals here

Next Blog ---

Aha! I spoke too soon! We seem to have veered off course somewhat to a blog dedicated to a Danish model!
You can find it here

At this point I ran into a dynamic blog template which for some reason removes the next blog button so am forced back to start again.

This was quite a tame adventure, we will go for another one next time and see where it takes us.
Or you could indeed go on your own, do tell me if you end up somewhere exciting!


Tracy said...

I've done this few times, they seem to start off with a crafty link then I seem to get lots of very American religious blogs! Not really sure why?

Fabridashery said...

I love randomly finding blogs. Hope CRAFTfest goes well for you :)

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