Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fabulous Feedback!

Recently I have made a few creations for a lovely lady that emailed me with an earring challenge just after Christmas. Since then we have spoken quite a lot via email and Blackberry Messenger. I love to keep in touch with customers to see how they are getting on but have been thrilled by the results for Sarah and her family.

The other day she sent me three fabulous pieces of feedback and I would like to share them with you as I am very proud.

"I've wanted beautiful earrings for a while and 'nothing was doing it for me' in many, if not, all jewelers! I thought "this isn't right...I can't find ANYTHING, not even at Tiffany's!"

I started to become attracted to crystals and becoming more and more intrigued by their beauty and healing properties. I stumbled on Anna, The Crystal Lady's website and by looking through her creations I was certain, "this is for me, this is perfect"! I contacted her straightaway. I loved filling out her questionnaire and discussing different styles with her. My earrings are truly beautiful. I get compliments each time I wear them. The whole experience has been wonderful. Anna is such a warm and considerate person. Her creativity shines through in her pieces. The lovely wee pouch and booklet my earrings came with made it all the more personal and special. I know that I would love to have a collection of her creations, most definitely.

"After receiving some beautiful earrings from Anna, I really felt the benefit of wearing them. With this belief and my wish for my hair to grow a bit longer, I bought Anna's gorgeous Unakite hairclip. I've worn it almost everyday for 2 months now, and I've really noticed a difference, not only in length, but in quality and shine too. My hair is much more healthy! My hubby even noticed a difference! I can't thank Anna enough for wearing something that's beautiful but also beneficial too...Result!"

Not only did I hear from Sarah but I heard from her husband David too:

"For Valentine's Day, my wife gave me a personalised crystal keyring from Mystic Earth. It was something really different and unexpected which really appealed to me. I've found it really convenient carrying it around in my pocket. I've also felt a real benefit from the crystals' properties especially whilst at work."

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