Thursday, 13 February 2014

The irrational pondskater of stress!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my lovely hubby D has been leaving me post-its to find on my PC and all over my kitchen. Yes, he's still going strong! I'll be onto a whole new block of post-its soon, it's fabulous!

Well, I've been wigging out a bit this week for various reasons. (Many unknown to myself!) Anyone that knows me is well aware that I'm a worrier, if I don't have anything to worry about (which is rare but does happen) I will find something. My specialty is focusing on things that I cannot possibly change, I seem to latch onto these with relish and obsess about them!

So after days of me getting more and more anxious and let's be honest, driving him insane everything came to a bit of a head last night and we had lots of words. None of which made me feel any better whatsoever and I was left feeling totally useless as usual and that I was an extreme burden and why do I always do this and so on and so on....

This morning when I made a beeline for the kettle I turned round to see my desk was a sea of orange! It was full of post-its! The top one announcing that this was my 'Post-it Farm'. Lined up on my desk beneath this were several other post-its saying lovely, inspirational things that made me smile. One in particular caught my attention and although he'll be very cross for telling you all (so noone tell him) I have to share it with you and bring it to life a little.

This is what it said:

We are strong because deep down we are happy. Get rid of this "surface tension", let the irrational pond skater of stress be absorbed into the under-current of love we live in. Hug me; all that warm is love.

Isn't that wonderful? I think we all need to find this creature and SPLAT IT!!!

Here he is, I've grabbed him for you, fly swatters at the ready.....

Wishing you all a wonderful pondskater free day!


Indy said...

What a wonderful post! Very inspirational!

The Crystal Lady said...

Thank you for calling by my blog Indy. Wishing you a lovely pond skater free day. xx

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