Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back to school !!! phew!

Another half term survived!!! Just! I love both of my boys to bits but when they get together all day everyday.... need I say more? The sheer volume and all the banging and shouting drives me to distraction. That and all of the extra slave duties back and forwards from the kitchen. Well, its nice to back to normal. Its getting ever closer to when the smaller one starts nursery in September too. Two and a half hours a day just for me, I bet they'll seem like 5 minutes but the quiet will be nice.
The bigger one is going on an overnight residential with the school next month. What a drama thats been, he's going, he's not going, he's going!!!! He doesn't have enough trainers (apparently he needs to take 3 pairs!! What exactly are they planning to do, its only overnight). It will be an experience for him, if he actually makes it there. The smaller one on the other hand still doesn't sleep at night, still downs bottles and bottles of juice and then needs changing completely in the wee(literally) small hours, still pushes me out of bed all night. Sleep, sleep, I miss you!
Lovely husband has also been a big scratchy recently, I think alot of it is due to lack of nicotine!!! He gets his tobacco supplies when my parents come back from their trips and they've been away longer than usual this time. He is so short on golden virginia that he is producing the thinest roll ups I've ever seen!!! Thankfully a friend brought round a packet of reasonably priced stuff yesterday so he should be a bit more human! (well he would be if the shower hadn't packed up on him! Having to have a bath every morning before work doesn't a lovely husband make!)

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I have awarded you with the sunshine award!
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