Wednesday, 31 March 2010

6 weeks since I gave up Diet Coke!!!

I would like to announce that it is now 6 weeks since I gave up diet coke!!!! Yay, go me!! It was all I really drank every day, but then my sister sent me an email about the aspartame sweetner that it contained. Apparently it gives you Aspartame poisoning which in extreme cases has been misdiagnosed as MS. Well, I gave up cold turkey straight after reading this email. It was HELL!!!!!!!!!!! I had the worst headache for a whole week. After this time though I began to feel totally different. I had more energy and I could think far more clearly. Now this may be a coincidence but I don't think so. I did try a small glass of coke a couple of weeks ago and couldn't drink it, it tasted terrible! My problem now is what do I drink? I hate the taste of water, have tried various squashes, carbonated water etc. I went to Tesco today to search for Squashes that didn't contain the dreaded sweetner for my children and do you know, I only found three! Ribena, Vimto and an organic one.(which I bought and they hate!) Why do they put sweetner in drinks that already contain sugar?
If anyone knows of any good drinks for me or my kids pllleeeeeaaassseeeee let me know.

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