Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Buy the new issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine

The July/August issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine is now available to purchase from Mystic Earth.

ANIMAL HEALERS: In a major 5-7 page feature, we speak to animal healers, communicators and therapists about their beliefs regarding animals and their amazing experiences. With around 45% of the readers being therapists/ teachers there will be extreme interest in training to apply their skills to animals also in their various areas of the World. SUNDOGS and their implications for life on earth: John Martineau exclusively presents his research into this fascinating celestial phenomenon and what it means for us here on Earth. RAINBOW DREAMDANCE feature: The Dance is a prayer ceremony led by Arwyn DreamWalker, a Medicine Woman and lineage carrier of Navajo teachings. The purpose for each year’s Dance is related to the 20 count (a way of calling in powers in prayer). THE M TECHNIQUE: This is a registered method of structured touch, which is much lighter than conventional massage with a profoundly soothing effect. It is a series of stroking movements and has been described as ‘physical hypnotherapy’ and a ‘spiritual dance’. SPIRITUALITY ON A BUDGET: Alison Bayne advises on what you can do to bring greater spirituality into your life without needing to spend a fortune on workshops and paraphernalia. CARMEL BELL interview: medical intuitive who died for 45 mins and is connected to the Jesus mysteries. SPIRITUAL DATING: From Meeting without Masks to building charisma and staying heart-centred, we look at all aspects of spiritual dating. Plus, should you be open about your spiritual beliefs when dating? HEALING THROUGH RHYTHM: Can the sound of drums heal all manner of ailments? Caroline Hopkins examines the evidence. PLUS energy vampires, Magnetic therapy centre review, Nikki Simla, The Field of Love, and A thousand Steps pilgrimage in India.

First published in 1987 Kindred Spirit is the ultimate global guide to positive change. Available bi-monthly each issue covers a range of diverse subjects such as spiritual growth, personal development, complementary therapies, travel, health and much more.
Kindred Spirit online offers a unique insight into the world of mind, body and spirit. We feature articles from the current and back issues and bring you up to date on all the latest Mind, Body and Spirit news and events.

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