Monday, 21 June 2010

We have a lovely garden friend! :-)

For a few weeks now, we have had a lovely new friend that lives in our garden.

Isn't he gorgeous!

He's by far the biggest hedgehog I've ever seen, although this isn't really surprising as our garden is hedgehog heaven! We have far too many slugs and snails for my liking, as our mulitlated sunflowers can tell you. We often see him (or her, I'm not sure how to tell at this distance) carefully picking his way across the lawn at tea time. Also, occasionally early in the morning. I was concerned at one point though as I spotted him legging it out of the gate and then didn't see him for a few days but as I was repeatedly told, he was back.
Anyway, I hope he chooses to stay with us for the summer as the children (and I) love to see him. He has been fondly named 'Andy' by the smaller one.

I just have time to pop on a photo of a small selection of pendants available on Mystic Earth
There is a choice of suede thong, silver plated or sterling silver chains to go with them.

1 comment:

Violet LeBeaux said...

Aww what a cute little hedgehog! I wish we had them here in Aus!

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