Thursday, 14 April 2011

Test Driving new designs.

Look at me go!! Two days in a row. Let's hope I can keep it up.

I thought I'd share a quick tip with you today, of course most of you probably already know but it can't hurt can it. When creating new designs it is always a good idea to test drive them. I am soon embarking on a new range of lockets and pendants and so I made one for my mum to see how it would go. As I guessed, there were a few teething problems but thankfully she loves it anyway.

My mum is away from home a lot so I wanted to give her something to take it along with her. I created a locket with a picture taken from in front of her house of a view I know that she loves. Inside the locket I put photographs of all three of her grandchildren. I also added Moss Agate in sections in the chain to break it up a bit. There were a few problems.

The whole gluing process was new to me so I was a little overcareful which messed it up slightly. After applying countless layers of Mod Podge I finally got to the Diamond Glaze time. I was concerned about using too much so was a little sparing. This was a mistake. There wasn't enough to come up and seal the sides and also cover the whole picture which has left shadows. Still, lesson learnt.

The chain also gave me issues. I used nymo covered with seed beads to complete it and was a bit worried about the strength. Turns out I was right as the thread snapped fairly quickly. I then ordered some brass wire and redid it. This is far better.

So the moral of this story is .... always test drive your designs. Mums are fabulous for this job. :-)

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