Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My last post was .... Oops!!

I have actually been meaning to start writing my blog again for aaaaaaaaaaaaages, but everytime I pull up the new post page my mind just goes totally blank. It isn't through lack of things happening as the last few months have been mega hectic. I guess I just don't want to bore everyone. :-(

Blogging seems to come very easily to some people and I am very jealous, perhaps I just need to get back in to the swing of things. What do you think? Anyone else having bloggers block.

With regard to my business, it is keeping me busy, if not with website sales (which have been diabolical over the last year) than with the magazine which eats up a lot of my time, along with hubby and my two boys of course. The bigger one is currently spending a week with his Nan and Grandad so things around here are a little quieter as they are at that constant bickering stage at the moment. The smaller one has successfully come out of nappies now and we are soooooo proud of him. He's such a clever little boy. I am so thankful it all went well as it was sheer hell with the bigger one. it seemed to go on for months and was totally soul destroying. Leavng the smaller one a bit longer seems to have done the trick.

By Friday when he returns I believe my mum will now be as much as a Pokemon expert as I am. For anyone with children into this game I highly recommend buying one and playing it yourself. Not only is it a great little game but you suddenly become able to communicate with your child again. No longer is he speaking a foreign language, we now have a special little bond. Also, nothing makes them prouder than telling their friends that their mum plays pokemon. They all come round to the house to trade with me, I'm quite the local celebrity in the playgound. lol

Anyway, I do hope you can all forgive me for being away for so long, I'd love to hear from you if you have the time to leave me any comments.

Speak soon,
I promise


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