Friday, 10 May 2013

A bit of Black Magic!

Well, what can I say! It was our 15th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and Mr CL totally surprised me!

Although he does have a romantic bone in his body, it does tend to be rather well hidden. So I was totally bowled over yesterday when I received a total surprise! He had warned me that I was expecting a delivery before 9.30 so I did wonder if it would be flowers. This in itself is a wonder as he's never sent me flowers before! So you can imagine my delight when not only did a huge bouquet of flowers turn up but that it consisted of 15 (yes 15) Black Magic Roses!

Now there is a significance here as I had Black Magic Roses in my wedding bouquet all of those years ago. I cannot believe he remembered what they were called. Here is the actual bouquet from 1998.

There is also a tale to go with the purchase of my flowers yesterday that I thought I would share. Mr CL went to look for the original florist where the roses were purchased only to discover that it was no longer there. So, into another florist he went. The first hurdle was that the name had slightly changed, they are now called Black Bacarra Roses! Helpful? Not!

So he now knew what they were now called but the florist didn't have any and apparently for some reason Holland would be closed on Thursday! (Who knows why, holiday perhaps, anyone?)
On his way out of the door he was then called back so that the florist could 'make a few calls'. After four of them a friend in Covent Garden apparently had some so a deal was struck.

The flowers arrived (eventually as the delivery man got lost) and I was speechless!  Not only had I been sent flowers by my husband but the thought that had gone into them was immense. To find the specific type of red rose, not just any red rose was all I needed to know that he loves me.

And I love you too Mr CL. With all of my heart and soul. ♥♥♥♥

So who wants to see these beautiful flowers?

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