Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Prolonging the Magic!

Now, you may be aware that it was mine and Mr CL's 15th Wedding Anniversary last week and he surprised me with a bouquet of 15 beautiful Black Magic Roses (You can read about it here) I am a little reluctant to lose these wonderful blooms! I'm rather attached to them. So I've been working out a way to keep them a little longer (perhaps a lot longer).

I have hatched a plan. Yes, I know I should have started this a little earlier than Day 5! But hopefully it isn't too late. I am taking a three pronged attack. Firstly, I am pampering my roses by making fresh cuts in their stems every day and removing any browning petals. Here they are today at Day 5!

Still looking beautiful!
I have wondered what I can do with the petals but as they are the browning ones nothing is springing to mind. Here is todays batch.

I have however made an attempt with one of fresher petals. I have sealed it up into a pendant. Here it is:

Not sure if it will work but it's worth a shot!

Any eagle eyed people amongst you may notice that in the top picture there are now only 14 roses! This is because I selected my favorite yesterday and hung it upside down in the airing cupboard. I'm going to wait for it to dry (shame as it won't be as pretty) and then I intend to try to encapsulate it in resin. Anyone have any idea how to do this?

I shall keep you informed of my progress, but in the meantime any hints or tips re the resin would be greatly received.

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