Friday, 24 April 2009

Friday Update

OK, now I have a headache!!!!

Yesterday I signed up for 'twitter'. I think I may be missing the point. Just when I think I may be getting the hang of it, I suddenly feel lost and confused! It doesn't appear to have any guidelines at all. I could do with a very simple 'how to twitter guide!' Does anyone know of one?
I did get a very useful tip from one of the nice ladys that I am following though. You are currently looking at it.....
I didn't even know that Blogspot existed, but here we are. Yet another thing to keep me tied to my laptop instead of messing about with my healing stones and creating jewellery. Excuse my blogs for being a bit bland, I am a newbie after all. I will try my best to make them more interesting in the future.

Oh yes, and twitter appears to have totally confused my laptop. My website program won't launch and internet explorer keeps getting stuck. Only one thing for it I think..
Step away from the laptop!!!

Until next time. Going to put a large amethyst on my forehead.

1 comment:

Madam Salami said...

You're doing great, blogs are a great way of telling people what you're making and where to get hold of it. Plus I find them really useful for reminding myself what I've been doing!

As for twitter, just get stuck in, butt into conversations that interest you, follow people with similar interests or who's work you like or who simply make you laugh.

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