Monday, 27 April 2009

Just completed.

I have just completed a beautiful carnelian bracelet for one of my myspace friends. It is for his mother and I have added some beautiful Fire Opal Swarovski Crystals to add light to the piece. Carnelian is such a fascinating stone. It is full of energy and confidence and is a real spirit lifter. I have also had alot of success using it to relieve the pain of arthritis and also as a protective buffer in difficult situations. I have used orange carnelian as I prefer it to the red.

In the middle ages, Carnelian was assigned a blood-staunching and anger-calming effect. The Egyptians also used it as a protective stone for the dead. It is one of my favourites. It is so vibrant.

My current all time favourite stone however is labradorite. It is so beautiful and surprising. At first glance you may think that it is all grey. But you would be very wrong. It is totally irridescent. Blues, Greens, Oranges, yellows. It is transfixing. It is also a very active and powerful stone. Very effective for total protection of your aura. It forms a protective shield around you allowing nothing to get in or out. I often recommend labradorite for people who are very sensitive and are receiving alot of negative energy from other people. In an extreme circumstance I also provided some for a client who had been informed by a medium that they had attracted a mischeivous entity which was causing them trouble. The reaction in this case was almost immediate and the client felt extremely relieved. I find it interested noting other peoples reactions when I am wearing labradorite. I find that people who normally 'stress' me out are now feeling that stress themselves. It is very obvious that it is affecting them, sometimes they are unable to stay in my presence. Be careful though, as it is very powerful and if you wear it too much it often gives you a terrible headache. This is a sign that it must be removed completely.

Here is a labradorite bracelet that I made for the gentleman mentioned above. I believe that he is now very attached to it and that it is helping which is wonderful as he is a good friend.
The final thing that I am going to add to this blog is a video that I discovered on you tube. At first glance it is merely a large rock rotating on a platform but it is so much more. It is a wonderful piece of labradorite, watch how the colours change and at times you can see right into the stone. It is a classic opportunity for crystal gazing and letting your mind run free. What can you see, please tell me!


witchypoo said...

That's a huge chunk of labradorite you have there! I mostly saw people but there was a horse, a dog, a cougar and some wolves.

The Crystal Lady said...

Its wonderful isn't it, everytime you look you see more. (Wish it was mine, I love it)

Jean said...

I saw shafts of light coming from a crack in the stone, as if I was in a cave and the light was coming in. I also saw a horses head and faintly a mans head, he was in pain.

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