Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Business as usual

My custom healing necklaces seem to be fairly steady at the moment. I received a lovely email from the lady who received the one I made last week saying how much she loved it, so that made me smile. I have also just received the questionnaire back from a lady who ordered one yesterday so I will be delving into the world of beautiful healing minerals later on today to choose the most suitable.

I also had a little creative spurt yesterday and have a few more things to add to my website.

For a while now I have had the components to make some hair accessories and it was my friend Avril from Sprinkles Sparkles. She had a delivery of some fabulous ribbons yesterday to make lots of hair accessories herself so don't forget to check out her blog to see her creations.

So far I have created a Hair Clip and some decorated hair grips. They are wired with Olivine Swarovski Crystals, seed beads and Unakite Chips.

Unakite is a beautiful pink and green stone that is very beneficial for the hair. It helps to
maintain growth and condition.

I also had a mess about with some antique chain and made a simple, if unusual necklace encompassing a cross that I had lying around. I have some lovely silver lockets that may benefit from a similar type of chain.

1 comment:

Sprinkles Sparkles said...

Those hair accessories are absolutely gorgeous! You should make more!

Oh, and thank you for the free advertisement!

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