Monday, 6 July 2009

July Giveaway - 3 chances this month!!

I always feel bad for the people that don't win on the giveaways so this month I am offering THREE things!

The items are these three beautiful gemstone rings. They are all different sizes so it will be pot luck as to which finger to wear them on. They also look wonderful on chains as a pendant.

They are crafted from Carnelian, Turquoise and Hematite.

Here are the properties of the gemstones:

Carnelian - SiO2+(Fe,O,OH)
In the middle ages, Carnelian was assigned a blood-staunching and anger-calming effect. The Egyptians also used it as a protective stone for the dead.
Mentally - Courage, Emotionally lifting, energizing.
Physically - works with: Organs. Stimulating the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the small intestine. Alleviates rheumatism, arthritis and stimulates the metabolism.
Chakra - Base, Sacral.

Turquoise - CuAl6[(OH)2/PO4]4.4H2O+Fe
According to tradition, turquoise was thought to warn the wearer about the threat of danger.
Mentally - friendship, loyalty, self-realization, mood swings, inner calm, romantic love.
Physically - panic attacks, eyes, viral infections, rheumatism, stomach, cramp, pain, sore throat.
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye.

Hematite - Fe2O3+Mg,Ti+(Al,Cr,Mn,Si,H2O)
Used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a healing stone. In the Middle Ages hematite was call ‘Bloodstone’
Mentally - Survival, will power, vitality.
Physically - works with: Circulation. Stimulates the absorption of iron in the small intestine and the formation of red blood corpuscles, improving oxygen supply to the body and stabilizing health.
Chakra: Earth, Base.

So, as usual, follow my blog, leave a comment and specify which of the rings you would like to win. This should hopefully increase your chances of winning your preferred style as the entrants will be split over the three rings. It would be appreciated if you could also link to the giveaway from your blogs. The winners will be drawn on 31st July.

Many thanks and good luck.


jolicious said...

I'd love the Carnelian one! I've blogged about it here

Cathy said...

They're all lovely, but I'd like to win the Carnelian one please.

withhugsandkisses said...

They are lovely. The turquoise ones my favourite

mopppy said...

loving the colour and shape of the turqoise one its gorgeous

Jennie said...

Not fussy - love them all..... Thank you

Looby said...

ooh they're gorgeous! But the Hematite is my fave!
Lou x

kimscrafts said...

they are all beautiful but i love the Hermatite one the best.

lej jewellery said...

carnelian one is beautiful, thank you

lej jewellery said...

carnelian one is beautiful, thank you

Hats and More said...

I love the turqouise one.

enchanted quilling said...

I found these three rings very interesting. I would be proud to own and wear each one of them.

I love meanings of crystals and gemstones, and try and apply the stone which I feel matches my personality. I am a very calm person but the carnelian caught my eye before I read all about the meaning of this gem.

So I have to have this ring as my first choice because of the beauty of it's colour and the mental meaning.

Thank you for sending out your message to me on twitter for me to enter your blog giveaway. My blog is not ready yet but will tweet and tweet. have marked your blog to read up on later.

cheers Janice

Danielle said...

I have to go for the Carnelian as well. It caught my eye first and once I read the descriptions found that it'd be perfect for me. Thank you so much for such a beautiful giveaway!

Danielle said...

I have also tweeted about this!

MoMo's Bows said...

I am now following your blog - MoMosBows
I personally would love any of the rings, however I think that I would give one (should I win) to my Mom. She suffers from joint pain and depression. So I think that the turquoise would be my pick for her to help with her anxiety and pain. Not to mention that it is beautiful!!

Sprinkles Sparkles said...

Turquoise for me! Gorgeous! :D

Barbara said...

Hope I'm not too late... I love the carnelian!


Madam Salami said...

oh oh oh I toatally missed this so sorry! arghhhh!
I HAVE to have the turqouise one, its just gorgeous.

all fingers firmly crossed x x x

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Hematite for me please ~ survival and healing :-)


Cakes Knits and Cosies said...

The properties of the turquoise ring would suit my daughter perfectly as well as looking great. Fantastic giveaway - I'll post a link on my blog. Lynne

amanda said...

i'd really love the turquoise one please, what a beautiful giveaway.

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