Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kindred Spirit Summer Special

The Kindred Spirit Summer Special is available to purchase from Mystic Earth

Comes with FREE Luanne Oakes 'Sound Healing' CD SOUND HEALING: including Jill Purce, Lyz Cooper and Stewart Pearce plus a review of Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s workshop. AROMATHERAPY: The use of aromatherapy to lift the spirit and enter a vibrationally higher state KUNDALINI: How to raise this important energy. FINDING YOUR OTHER HALF: Declan Kerr writes on how you can shift your energy to attract the right person to you. CRYSTAL ENERGY: new research by Nat and Tony Bondar into how crystals can affect your energy body. SPIRITUAL WEALTH ATTRACTING: Dream investing, how to change your vibrations to attract wealth. QUANTUM K web-based healing experience: Andrew Kempton on the amazing healing properties of his Quantum K. VORTEX HEALING: Founder Ric Weinman writes about this amazing modality. Treatment Review: Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Seema Somaiya Communion: Howard Baker writes on the tyranny of the brain and how personal vibrations are stifled by thought. Gaunts house anniversary celebrations / Asha centre inauguration report / DNA Activation / Butterfly and sea essences / Spiritual Dublin / Power of Shakti, Belgium

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