Saturday, 11 September 2010

Who am I?

It's been a while!! Sorry, life has been very hectic.
September brought about a big change in our household. Not only did the bigger one go back to school, (different class and teacher, big thing!) but the smaller one also started pre-school. I think it was actually a bigger deal for mummy than 'himself' as he had been looking forward to it for ages!
Apart from a slight blip (or rather screaming tantrum) about ten minutes after I had left him on his first day, he seems to have settled into the routine very well. I now enjoy a couple of hours a day when I can actually be myself. I haven't quite remembered who this is yet so it is all a bit strange but I am rather enjoying it. Surprisingly, I am not managing to get more work done. I am finding that the opposite is happening but the house is in better order. So now, I am waiting for the 'me' that I used to be to re-emerge! Has she gone forever, or is she just hiding? Personally I think she is biding her time until she has a little more of it! This is made abundantly clear as I attempt to write this whilst being harassed by the smaller one to tidy up the mess that he has created. Mums are people too! Aren't we?

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