Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Before I forget!

I did say that I would take a picture of small boy with all of his new bugs on his birthday. In all the stress with the next issue of Creative Crafting and CRAFTfest! I haven't had any time.
But here we go, a lovely picture of him covered in his new creepy crawlies.
He also adored the Dragon Fly cake that Nanny made for him. The first thing he did on arriving was to go straight into the kitchen and pull a wing and one of its legs off. Such a boy thing to do!
By the way, the cheese and pineapple was a special request from Sir himself although on the day he didn't touch a single piece!


Mary Anne Gruen said...

What a wonderful bunch of bugs! And the dragonfly cake is amazing! I'm not a bug person myself, but I make an exception where dragon flies are concerned. Especially when they're made of cake! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

The Crystal Lady said...

Thank you Mary Anne. The cake was fabulous and huge. He nibbled at it all day. By the time the candles were lit it was almost totally legless. Lol

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