Friday, 26 August 2011

She's done it again!! Beautiful!

Maria from Minxtures has done it again! She has made me two of her beautiful fleece cushions for my boys. They will be taking pride of place on the sofa. Just as soon as I can get them to put them down! They are being cuddled constantly. If you love cushions, duvet covers, bags etc you must pop over to Marias shop as her work is such fantastic quality. I highly recommend her to you all. :) I've already been given a Christmas list from the small boy who is trying to talk me into commissioning some of Marias soft toys for him. lol.

There were actually a lot more photos of the small one as he loves to be photographed. It is his 4th Birthday on Monday so I'm sure the camera will be extremely busy. Watch this space for the fallout from all of the insect related gifts that I have found for him. Eww!

1 comment:

MinXtures said...

Thank you! It's a real pleasure especially when you get to see a pic of happy faces. I'm so pleased they like them!

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