Thursday, 10 July 2014

Is there anyone listening?

I have noticed a trend over the last few years with blogs that is disturbing me. Many of you, like me, started your blog years ago (not quite dinosaur territory but not far off!) and I'm sure that if you cast your mind back you will remember it as being a very different experience than the one you have now.

I remember writing a blog almost every day and receiving comments and new followers and it felt like there was a reason for me to be doing it. Now according to google my posts do still get visited but I think many of these are probably via some mobile app or other which is more of a window than a community.

Noone takes the time to follow you anymore directly from the blog itself or just drop a comment saying Hi. When I received a new follower or a comment I always followed the link to find the person and say thank you. I found many new friends this way. But now that all we get for our posts is silence that is all gone!

I think that this is why I find it so hard to post regularly, it feels like noone is listening.

Do you find this with your blog?

How can we get the interaction back?

If you have found me here and taken the time to read this post please leave me a comment to say that you have passed by, I will do my best to find you and take a look into your world. :)

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