Tuesday, 30 June 2009

And the winner of my June Giveaway is........

My lovely friend Avril at Sprinkles Sparkles.
Congratulations you win the lovely Malachite and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet. Please let me have your address and the length you would prefer in case I need to alter it and I will whip it into the post for you.

Everyone else, don't get disheartened, I will start another giveaway in a day or so. Watch out for it and get your comments in.

By the way, I thought I would show off something new I made last friday. My wrists are still suffering from it, but it's so gorgeous and I'm very proud of it.

It is made using the Byzantine Chain Maille weave and consists of hundreds of tiny rings (made by myself!) all connected together. Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!? When my wrists recover I am going to make some lovely therapeutic copper ones, although this one is silver plated copper so is still really good for you. :-)

I don't often blow my own trumpet but I was very proud of this!


mitch1066 said...

wow that bracelet is amazing!

Charms Of Light said...

And you ought to be proud! Wow! It is beautiful and I can fully understand why your wrists ache! You are a very talented lady - it must've taken ages to make.

Well done you!


Sprinkles Sparkles said...

Yippie! How did you manage to pick my name?! Cant wait to receive it so I can wear it out!

By the way, that chai maille bracelet is beautiful. i dont know where you get the patience from!


The Crystal Lady said...

I really want to learn more weaves but I think making them brings back the carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists that I developed carrying small boy! I hope it was a one off. Still love it though. The difficult bit is getting the right size and gauge of rings and then getting started. :-)

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