Friday, 5 August 2011

Bugs, bugs and brain ache!

I keep finding myself staring at the screen! Not because I have nothing to do but because I don't seem to be able to engage my brain! This may not be surprising as I am rather tired having been up and down out of bed all of last night like a yo-yo. The small one kept thinking of reasons for me to boing out of bed the minute I lay my head down. So I am a little jaded today and no amount of coffee seems to be doing the trick.
Time away from the screen may be called for especially as the small one just asked "How's are you getting on Computer Girl?". He really is only 3! Honest!
Some exciting things have happened though, I am currently awaiting the first printed proof copy of Creative Crafting Magazine. Super exciting! I hope it comes out OK. It has also been giving me brain ache trying to work out how to convert it all to XML for the e-reader version.
On another note, I have been busily ordering insect related gifts for the small ones 4th Birthday at the end of the month. Not really my thing as I hate bugs of all kinds. On Tuesday he received a fabulous gift from his Nan and Grandad of a glow in the dark bug t-shirt and cap. HE ADORES THEM! In fact I had lots of tears on Tuesday evening at PJ time as he wanted to wear them 'FOREVER' Here is a little pic of him demonstrating them. He is currently missing the big one who is spending his summer week with Nan and Grandad.
I have no idea where this love of bugs came from, I prefer the dinosaur or car stages that he has been through. As well as publishing the August issue of the magazine this week I have also had a quick revamp of my Mystic Earth Website. and last week I totally changed my Radiance Crystals Site. No rest for the wicked! ;) Oh, and also made a couple of pairs of earrings after a little boost from selling a bracelet.

Oak Jasper
 These among other earrings can be found on my website for £5.99.

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