Thursday, 11 August 2011

School shoe time again!! Ooo! Look Dinos!

That time of year again! It comes around so fast doesn't it. The yearly trip to Clarkes. I am eternally grateful that my mum and dad buy the shoes every year for my boys as the prices seem to be through the roof. I am also having serious doubts about the suitability of Clarkes anymore. The range seems to get smaller, the prices higher and the quality lower! The year before last my eldest had some of their Bootleg range. They started to fall to pieces after about 6 weeks, it got so bad that wonderful husband had to use filler on them and replace the fitting for the velcro bar!! Last year we discovered that they hold a small amount of Clarkes brand shoes 'under the counter' so to speak. (in the back room actually!)
These don't appear to be on general display. They were far superior in quality and have lasted considerably better than the previous years. Unfortunately they didn't have any of those in his size this year so we have tried the Bootleg ones again after being assured they are better quality than they were. I have my doubts though so will keep you updated.
But the small boy!! Well, who would believe it!! This year they have a new 'Stomposaurus' range. Perfect for a little dino lover like the small one. He chose the pair that he liked, tried them on and went over and checked his appearance in the mirror. They are very cool, they have a t'rex on the sole and are named Raptoboy!
As these will be his first proper 'school' shoes we also popped along to Shoezone and bought him some trainers. (The Clarkes ones were yes you guessed it, very pricey and extremely heavy. Also a poor fit!) Incredibly his new trainers also have dinosaurs on. Triceratops this time!! He says that they make him as fast as the fastest scorpion!

Next year we may not be going back to Clarkes, does anyone have any ideas of other good quality shoe stores that offer a fitting service?

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