Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ducky! We are nothing without him! :)

As requested by my friend Sal, meet Ducky. 

He is the best friend of my small boy. Little did we know how important this little chap was until the other day when the small one came rushing into my bedroom all upset.

"I was in bed and Ducky was with me, then I got out of bed for a wee and when I came back he was GONE! I can't find him anywhere and I HAVE to find him, because I am NOTHING without Ducky!"

It's OK, we did find him. He'd taken the opportunity to hide down the side of his bed! A few days later, just in case I had forgotten how important Ducky was, he reminded me again. This time I was on the loo myself! No peace in our house. A little head came round the door and said that he had to go back in his room to get Ducky ....

"Because as you know... I am NOTHING without him!"

I have no idea where he gets all this from. By the way, do you like this little fella?
He's called Panic, and he lives on my desk. :)

The small one really does come out with some of the best stuff. Only this morning we were having a conversation on the way up to school about slugs. He thinks that they are far too cute to be killed! And also they are kind of special, because slugs and snails are the only things allowed to come out in the rain.
Bless him.

Before I go, I just want to share a photograph from my garden. This really is my favourite time of the year to look out of the window as my elusive patch of Bluebells are up. Every year, they erupt from the lawn and create this beautiful display. Then they totally disappear again!


The Bead Bounty said...

Ah, the tale of "the Ducky", my life is complete. Thanks for sharing Anna x

The Crystal Lady said...

You're Welcome Sal :)x

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