Monday, 23 April 2012

My technical attachments!

A few years ago, I remember thinking that I was NOTHING without my laptop! It was my work, my social life, I wasn't to be parted from it.
Unhealthy attachment?
Quite possibly.
Was it going to end there?
Unfortunately not!

Over the last year things have changed quite considerably in my technical world! My laptop became unreliable. (I wore the poor thing out) so I purchased a wonderful All In One desktop which I loooooooooove and won't let anyone else near. (Well, occasionally, under supervision.)

But it didn't end there. From January this year I began to carry a little technical entourage around the house with me! This little bundle of goodies has slowly grown until it became the collection that it is today!
I am not proud of this, in fact I feel a little awkward about it and hope that the rest of the family haven't actually noticed. (How naive I am!)

So, when I move around my very small bungalow I now carry with me:
My Blackberry phone
My Blackberry Playbook
My Kindle and
My DSi since I acquired the Carol Vauderman Active Health game and I have to track my diet!
Oh and in my pocket I have the health monitor that goes with the Active Health game.

Is there anyone else out there that does this? Or am I going quietly crazy all by myself!


I've now realised that I have outed myself as a technology geek! So I will try and explain -

My phone is always nearby as my emails all come through to it. This is highly necessary as my work is all online so I need to be contacted constantly. I also find that when I am drip fed my emails as they arrive it saves the stress that can be caused by 13 email address all leaping out at me from my PC inbox in one go. (This was proved in the great Blackberry Blackout of 2011) The sheer horror of all of those emails attacking me all in one go of a morning often got too much.

The Playbook is by me because my mum and dad spend lots of time out of the country and contact me via their playbook. So it is with me in case they 'call'.

My kindle, really doesn't get used much at all during the day as I tend to read in an evening and in a morning in bed. It is there for the occasions when Mr CL decides to switch the TV over to something uninteresting. ;)

I think the DSi speaks for itself really and is only there for as long as I continue with the new health game. lol.
(Watch this space on that one)

There, is that better? Or am I digging myself an even bigger hole?


Rachael said...

I only take my phone if going on long walks by myself in case of injury or attack, if shopping with my husband so we can split and meet up easily or going on a long car drive; hardly use it ever. My Kindle stays by my bed as it's the only place/ time I get to read. My DSlite, again by my bed for same reason although I will now HAVE to look at Carol Vauderman Active Health game (so thanks for that LOL) I love gadgets but don't have the time or money to warrant having any more. I don't think you are unusual though.

The Crystal Lady said...

Oooo! yes, you must look at it Rachael. It's very good and she does't make you feel bad like Wii fit. The most interesting thing I've found is that it highlights that I'm eating the wrong food!
I have to admit that I do rarely actually find time to read my kindle when I'm out of bed too. But it is with me in case hubby suddenly puts something uninteresting on TV! (Which you have to admit, does happen on occasion) :)

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