Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Great Chicken Debacle of 2011!

I have now been told by Sal that I have to explain how the small boy came to acquire Ducky!

So here it goes...
It was the Friday before Christmas (23rd Dec 2011) and I had taken both boys to Tesco to get the chicken for Christmas Dinner. I had left it until the last minute to try and avoid a repeat of the year before when I'd had to rush off to Tesco just before they closed on Christmas Eve to replace the chicken we had purchased which had gone off! "What is that terrible smell? Oh no, its the Christmas Dinner"

So, I decided to leave it to get the chicken as close to Christmas as I could without actually stressing myself out by going shopping on Christmas Eve! Good idea? I don't think so.

What actually happened was this. We got to the section of the chiller where the chickens hung out in their bags only to discover that the bags were all blown up with air. Now I didn't trust this as I was having deja vu about the previous chicken. I asked a member of staff, only to be told that it was a new way of packing them! Does that sound right to you? No, me either!

So, we checked out the freezer section and found the smallest chickens I've ever seen! Definitely not suitable for Christmas dinner.

I then had a brainwave! I would regret this but there you go. I suggested to the boys that we go to Darts Farm which is an organic farm shop. Not to be visited unless you have a large credit card limit!!! So, off we went to Darts Farm. 

As soon as we got in the door I realised my mistake! I'm sure you've probably already guessed. The wonderful butchery counter had a queue ALL the way round the shop! The queue was so long they had people handing out numbers and giving you free chocolates. Lots of people in the queue had also already ordered their meat! Sigh!

So, there we were, stuck in this huge queue on the Friday before Christmas. One 10 year old and one 4 year old and me! (considerably older) After about 45 minutes the boys were well and truly fed up. I was carrying the small one (oh my aching back) who had now commenced singing Christmas carols extremely loudly with all the wrong words. By this point I was ready to give up, so I decided to bribe him to be quiet. With Ducky. Who cost £14.99!!!

However, by the time we finally got to the counter and ordered our chicken I nearly passed out at the price! I have never paid that much money for a chicken before. In its defence I will say that it tasted fantastic and unlike the store bought chickens I usually get it didn't shrink at all! There is a good possibility that I will not be in charge of buying the meat this year!

On another note, look at the fantastic ham that Mr CL cooked on Christmas Eve! Isn't he clever! :)

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