Friday, 20 April 2012

A Spot of Creation

Yes, well, I failed miserably at those weekly updates didn't I!!

Let's move on... Despite being busy with the other sides of my work (magazine, network, CRAFTfest, PCG etc) I have managed to make some new jewellery for my website. Yay! I hear you cry, the crafter has actually made something for a change. Yes, I have - quite a few things actually. I have acquired some crystal rondelles that I've been having fun with and also started a new project to raise awareness of a good friend of mine Sal.
Sally-Jo creates beautiful Lampwork beads. So I purchased some and made them up into a bracelet to go on Mystic Earth. Take a look at Sals website The Bead Bounty

Sal joins me most days in the chatroom on Creative Connections so feel free to pop in and say Hi! We all have lots of fun.

Here are the beads as I purchased them from Sal. (Beautiful aren't they!)

Here they are again, with the addition of some 8 mm Smoky Quartz Gemstone beads and some Swarovski Crystals.

I also received a gift a few weeks ago. (From Sal) I was rather taken by some beads that she had made. I thought they looked like an Eyeball. :) So the lovely lady sent them to me.

 Here they are with some Chrysocolla Gemstone Beads.

I will add some pictures of the jewellery that I created with my new rondelles later. Lets keep this post just for Sal. :)

Don't forget. You can find Sal on Creative Connections and also on her website The Bead Bounty. Sal has recently started a blog too so please scoot over and be some of her very first followers. You won't regret it, she's a hoot! :)

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