Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fabulously Funny February Finds!

It's been literally years since I did one of my 'featuring' blog posts. So I thought that one was well overdue. Here it is ....

As things are rather manic at the moment and my smallest boy is poorly, (rather long story involving bucket loads of vomit covering himself, his father, the sofa and most of the surrounding area!) I thought I would look for some funny items to cheer everyone up.

Fabulously Funny February Finds!

Valentine Card by Spiffy Little Things
I'm still on my first husband so it goes without saying that he is my favourite, I do know people who could make use of this though.  :)

Handcrafted Shabby Chic Plaque by Handcrafted by Mary-Jayne
I don't know about you but every day seems to be a bit like this in my house!

Funny Cross Stitch pattern by ucladoc

This could have been made for me specifically! It really could.

Toilet Decal by Walking Dead Promotions
Oh yes! Now wouldn't this be fantastic, we could also do with wifi enabled lamp posts while they are at it, dust bins perhaps. Let's just make everything wifi because let's face it, we'd all end up in the loony bin if it suddenly disappeared!

So there we go, a little amusing distraction. It certainly cheered me up finding them despite the fact that I have other work that I should have been doing. Ahem! So much to do, and I have the small person home again so it's all - fetch this, change that, need to wipe this every five minutes. Oh how I have missed it - NOT!
Bless him, at least the weetabix he just had hasn't made a reappearance, yet!

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