Saturday, 4 February 2012

It's snow exciting!

I always plan to get so much done at the weekends but it rarely seems to happen.  Take today for instance, I am currently sat on the sofa, snuggled up under my favourite micro suede blanket with yet another coffee.
The coffee is a definite no no! Anyone that has frequented the Creative Connections chatroom recently is well aware that I have been forcing down gallons of water to clear a UTI so I don't have to brave a visit to the doctors. Mind you, I can't escape that adventure for long as I received an 'Invitation' to book an appointment for a smear test! An Invitation! Is this some new ploy to make it sound more appealing. Well, I am afraid it hasn't worked. I shall of course go, at some point, after I run out of excuses.
On to a more pleasant subject. There was a bit of excitement this morning when it was discovered that it was snowing.  Not a lot of snow, but it's the first we've seen this year. It kept both boys glued to the window for oooooo 5 minutes.
It is snowing! The flakes did get bigger before it stopped and started to rain.
So the excitement is now over. The snow has stopped. My eldest is on his laptop watching youtube videos of other people playing computer games. (I really don't get this!) Mr is on his laptop trying to get a graphics tablet I bought the other day to work. (Both of these two have headphones on so I'm not entirely sure why we all need to be in the same room. The little one is watching CBeebies and making a mess with some cheese Doritos, and I have almost completed my first post via my recently acquired Blackberry Playbook. Go me! Does anyone else have weekends like this or is it just me? I see all of these Facebook posts about families actually doing things together, don't get me wrong, we have tried this, it just never goes too well. I think that maybe this is how we do spend our togetherness.  We are all in the same room at least!

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