Sunday, 24 May 2009

Charm bracelet and more Carnelian!!

What a beautiful day!!!

Just catching up on a few things this morning. I have finished creating the 'Rosy' Charm Bracelet. I think I personally prefer my green one but then I don't like pink! Like mine, this one also holds two photograph frames but could hold more if whoever buys it would like them. I am happy to get the photographs the right size as I've finally got that worked out now. (the ones in the frames below are samples that came with them)

I have now listed it on Misi and am still hoping for that first sale.

Do you remember the Amethyst necklace and bracelet that I made for a lady last week? Well, she loved them so much that she immediately ordered the same again in Carnelian. The earrings actually ended up shorter but you get the idea. Isn't the colour fabulous!!!

Now, don't forget that this time next week will be draw day for those lovely earrings. If you haven't already entered then you have one week left.
On other subjects, I am currently interested in doing so many craft projects that I don't know which to start first. Time is against me as usual though and half term doesn't make it any easier.

Small crisis averted earlier as I realised that I had a problem midweek!!! The bigger one has a birthday party to go to which wasn't a problem until I realised that lovely husbands car is in for its MOT on that day and I shall be without car!!!! Luckily, managed to get hold of a friend who will pick the bigger one up!! Phew!!!! This does mean that my forage through the charity shops in town is cancelled though. :-(

Oh well, bye for now.


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