Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Radiance Crystals Beading Supplies

Me again!!

Before my Mystic Earth site, my first website Radiance Crystals was mainly for the Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Jewellery that I started out making and currently supply to a local Bridal Store. I always felt that it needed a little something so I have just finished revamping it and now it sells beading supplies and findings as well. The range isn't huge at the moment but hopefully it will grow when things start to sell. Please have a wander through and share your thoughts and please have a nitpick for me as I always miss mistakes!! Broken links, text not being shown properly, typos, you know the stuff. Building websites with a toddler around is challenging at best and I admit that my concentration levels aren't where they should be.

OK, thats it, I'll leave you all alone now. :-)

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