Saturday, 2 May 2009

A little felting project

I have been taking a break from jewellery projects to make a felt book for my youngest. He loves all of his books but tends to be a bit

on the destructive side. I decided to create a soft book for him with all of his current favourite things in. It is coming along very nicely, I am very proud of it, takes a while though. So far I have a duck on the front (he loves birds), Travis the tractor from bob the builder which is favourite toy, The pinky ponk from In the night garden and Bob the Builder. Still to do are Postman Pat, Razzle Dazzle and a Dyson Hoover (don't ask!) I love to create things in felt, making this book is a nice change from creating various characters and monsters from Playstation games for my eldest. The frightening little fellow on the right is called Topstalk. He is a mandagora from the playstation game Final Fantasy 12.

Back on the jewellery side for a minute. Remember those gorgeous charm bracelets I talked about in my last blog. Well, as I cannot afford one at the moment I decided to create one in my own style. Haven't done it yet but have ordered lots of exciting bits and bobs to go on it so watch this space.
Having problems with the laptop at the moment, not sure if it is a virus or a problem with internet explorer. It either locks up completely or starts to open windows all over the place in a neverending loop. Anyone elses ever done that?

Healing stone of the day

Amber - C10H16O+S

Amber is tree resin that has gradually mineralized. It was the first precious stone in human history and has been used as a healing stone and amulet for at least 7000 years. Mentally - Flexibility, creativity, self-confidence. Self-belief, success. Physically - works with: Stomach, spleen and kidney complaints, also liver, gallbladder and joints. Chakra: Throat, cleanses and purifies all.

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