Sunday, 31 May 2009

Earring Competition Winners and Misi Wanderings

Good morning,

Thank you to everyone who entered my competition, sorry everyone couldn't win, wouldn't that have been lovely! Well, the two lucky winners have been drawn. They are:

For the Carnelian and Swarovski Crystal - Hats and More
And for the Turquoise and Swarovski Crystal - Zoe

Congratulations ladies, let me know your addresses so that I can send you your earrings. To everyone else, don't worry, I will be holding another competition starting sometime next week.

On another note, my lovely fairy door that I discovered during my misi wanderings last week arrived. It has been in situe on the wall above our fish tank in the hall for a couple of days now. The bigger one is convinced that he has seen several blurry fairies poking their heads out. Bless!

I am also well on the way to finishing the 'pink dinosaur' that I am making for the bigger one. Just in case anyone is wondering, he is madly in love with Ruby the Ovaraptor from the Land Before Time. How sweet is that! He is getting quite alot of stick about it at school though.

Misi Wanderings

Time for a random selection of gifts on offer at Misi that just happened to catch my eye.

Toothy,tooth pocket by hennie. Isn't he fab!
Milk Chocolate Selection Pack by the Chocolate Truffle Company. Yum!
Enchanting Aroma Oil by Fairy Alchemy. Beautiful bottles!
Labradorite and Moonstone Earrings by Corinna2Desings. Labradorite is my favourite stone, beautiful and very powerful. Unfortunately, I overdosed on it a few weeks ago and currently can't touch it without getting a headache!

Oh well, best get on, things to do. Have to admit that I am currently a bit addicted to a wii game!! Endless ocean. It is a beautiful game where you are a diver and have to research fish and other under sea things. The music is lovely.


hennie said...

Thanks for blogging about my little tooth person.


Zoe said...

Wooohoo so chuffed thank you.

Hats and More said...

The earrings arrived today. They are lovely thank you. I had bought a necklace a few days before I entered the compeition and as the orange earrings went with the necklace I choose those. They look lovely together,

thank you.

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