Friday, 10 January 2014

It's the simple things!

Sometimes just a little change can make everything seem a lot brighter can't it!

I work from a (very) small desk in the corner of my kitchen and it's easy to get bored with your surroundings. My working day has been brightened up dramatically by something quite small but which has made a surprising amount of difference. A mouse mat! Yes, that's right, a mouse mat.

This fabulous new item was given to me to Christmas by my best friend and co magazine editor Avril from Sprinkles Sparkles. This was one of many lovely gifts that Avril gave to me, she has certainly restocked my stationery habit nicely. So why such a difference? Well, it's brighter for a start. The mouse mat I had before was one of those with the gel wrist support (boring black too). On acquiring this one many years ago I soon discovered that the wrist support actually made my hand hurt so I have been using it back to front. Yes, this did look rather odd and it was also getting dog eared from overuse so my nice sparkly new mat was certainly a site for sore eyes. Would you like to see it?

This mat is from Santoro's Gorjuss range which really does live up to the name. Go on, take a look

You are eyeing my Swarovski pen aren't you! That was a fabulous gift from D for our 15th wedding anniversary last year. You can read a little more about this day here

So if you are a little bored as you sit at your desk why not change just one thing, it may make all the difference.

Have a good day!

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