Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Life, the Universe and Everything!

Well it's D's 42nd birthday tomorrow! I am just about to write the 18th birthday card that I have given him. (That's one for each year we've been together not an 18th birthday card as that would be just silly - or would it?) Having written something suitably inspiring and mushy on his Christmas card a couple of weeks ago I now have to come up with something new. Hmmm...

It's just taken longer than usual sending Number One Son off to the school bus as he was even more ditzy than normal bless him. He came back in the house three times and then half way up the path turned and said "Have I got everything?" How would I know? He started high school last September and it's been a bit of a culture shock for him. I've been trying to train him in doing things for himself, it's a long road but we have made some headway.

At first I would tackle him when he first got home and pack his bag with him for the next day. Then we would go through the homework he had to do and he would do that (with as little shouting as possible). Next I would hang up his clothes for him.

Over the months we have now reached the stage where (prompted by me) he will pack his own bag when he gets home (on a good day) and rather incredibly hang up his own clothes. (This one took a few evenings of him in a heap on the floor crying he couldn't do it, what kind of a child am I raising here!) The clothes thing only extends to his school clothes though as the rest lie wherever he takes them off. Sigh.

It's all been such a big change for him and I still can't believe how big he is getting. At 12 he is now only about an inch shorter than me (maybe less) and I find it rather disturbing. They grow so quickly don't they, even the little one is 6 now and will no doubt be past me in no time at all.

Is it better to keep so busy that time flies or to do so little that it drags, at least you'd see more of it? But would you appreciate it? Probably all wrapped up in that question of life, the universe and everything.

Oh wait! The answer is D! He's the answer isn't he. Well tomorrow he will be when he turns


I always knew he was super special. ;)

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