Saturday, 20 June 2009

A box of goodies for mum and a bracelet for me!

Its been quite a tiring week!

The bigger one has been doing his sat's at school, been a little bit poorly and very tired (crabby doesn't start to describe it. Bless him!). Alot of my twitter friends will also know that Small Boy has also been rather ill with something. It started with a recurring fever, which is actually still there. Then on Thursday he came out in a rash. I took him to the doctors but she wasn't sure what it was! (This was a little disappointing because I could have stayed at home with that knowledge) She thought that it may be chicken pox, but the rash didn't look right. Doesn't this mean that it probably isn't chicken pox then? Anyway, it turned out not to be as by the next day it had mostly faded. So he isn't spotty anymore but still has the odd temperature and has now started vomiting too!! Joy for me as I always get covered in it. But thats enough of that, hopefully both of my beautiful boys will make a speedy recovery and get back to normal soon.

On the jewellery front, I have also had a creative spurt. I have just posted a mixed box of goodies for my mum. She is currently experience alot of neck and shoulder pain so we thought we would try and sort it out. Luckily she is very receptive to healing stones so fingers crossed.

The main piece of jewellery is a necklace. This consists of Blue Lace Agate, Prehnite, Hawks Eye, Clear Quartz and Aquamarine, complemented with Aquamarine and Peridot Swarovski Crystals. I had a bit of a time with this one as none of my seed beads seemed to work. I ordered some new ones and when they arrived I completed the necklace. I used Ceylon Blue and Seafoam in the end. The strange thing was that the colour really seemed to matter. As soon as I added the blue seed beads it was like the power turning on. It seemed to radiate energy and appears desperate to be worn. I also made three pairs of earrings to go with the necklace and added a different bracelet and a beautiful tree brooch made by lovely husband. You can tell this by how precise it is, if I had made it I think it would have been rather random and bushy!! Isn't it lovely!

While I was at it I just had to make myself a Prehnite bracelet. I hadn't seen any before and it called to me. It is a beautiful stone.

It's almost the end of the month so don't forget to enter my June giveaway if you would like to win the malachite and crystal bracelet.

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