Thursday, 4 June 2009

A very..... long necklace!

While watching 'Come dine with me' (I love that programme) the other night I was admiring a necklace that one of the contestants was wearing. So I decided to make one for myself in my own stoney style.

It is 52 inches long and consists of Gunmetal Iris Seed Beads, Burgundy and AB Swarovski Bicone Crystals and 8mm rounds of Hematite, Obsidian Snowflake and Ocean Jasper. Gorgeous isn't it! I'm very pleased with it.

Hematite - Fe2O3+Mg,Ti+(Al,Cr,Mn,Si,H2O)
Used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a healing stone. In the Middle Ages hematite was call ‘Bloodstone’
Mentally - Survival, will power, vitality.
Physically - works with: Circulation. Stimulates the absorption of iron in the small intestine and the formation of red blood corpuscles, improving oxygen supply to the body and stabilizing health.
Chakra - Earth, Base.

Jasper - SiO2+Fe,O,OH,Si
In ancient Egypt Scarab amulets were carded from jasper. According to legend, jasper was set in the hilt of ‘Balmung’, Siegfried’s sword.
Mentally - Courage, readiness for conflict. Willpower (red) Endurance (yellow) and Protection (Green). Honesty.
Physically - works with: Circulation and Digestion. Increases resistance to environmental stress (pollution, toxins, radiation).
Chakra - Varies depending on colour.

Obsidian - SiO2+Fe2O3+H2O+Al,C,Ca,K,Na,Fe
Obsidian blades were used in Palaeolithic times. In antiquity it was supposed to drive demons out.
Mentally -Dissolves shock, fear, blocks trauma. Protects from psychic attack. Expands the consciousness.
Physically - Obsidian dissolves pain, tensions and energy blocks. Improves circulation and warms extremities.
Chakra: Base, Sacral.

I think I may do one in other colours and put it on the Website. Any colour suggestions?

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