Monday, 15 June 2009

Chakra Cleansing Exercise

At the risk of being labelled completely 'woo woo', I thought I would share a simple Chakra Cleansing Exercise with you. This is a fantastic thing to do when you are lying in bed before you go to sleep.

Step 1 - Find a position that is comfortable and close your eyes.

Step 2 - The first thing to do is to 'ground' yourself. This is a wonderful technique that can be used at other times when you are feeling flightly or stressed. There are alot of different methods but I will mention the two that I often use. One is to imagine taps on your feet. Turn these taps on and allow all of the stress and tension to whoosh out of your body, don't panic if you feel your feet tingle, this is perfectly normal. The other method is to imagine roots coming out of your feet into the earth. (tingling again!) You then visualise a trunk growing up around your legs, growing into branches at your arms. Add leaves, sometimes wildlife and then work your way back down to the roots again. By now you should be feeling wonderfully relaxed.

Step 3 - Concentrate on the base of your spine and visualise a beautiful spinning red disc. Notice how bright it is and the direction that it is spinning in. Make it brighter. If it is spinning anti clockwise try to stop it and start it spinning in a clockwise direction. This can take some effort. this is your Base Chakra.

Step 4 - Next move on to the area around your Navel (Your Navel Chakra) This time, the disc is a beautiful bright orange. Again, make sure that it is spinning in a clockwise direction.

Step 5 - Next is the area in the centre of your torso (Your Sacral Chakra). The disc should be a beautiful golden yellow.

Step 6 - The next Chakra is the Heart Chakra. This one is lovely Emerald Green.

Step 7 - Now we have the Throat Chakra. A beautiful Light Sky Blue.

Step 8 - On the centre of your forehead is your Brow or Third Eye Chakra. A vibrant Indigo or dark blue.

Step 9 - The last of the major Chakras is the Crown Chakra. This one is often violet but can also be white.

Step 10 - Gradually work your way back down through the Chakras to your toes and repeat one of the grounding exercises to finish. You should now be beautifully relaxed and ready for sleep.

It is not unusual to have difficulty reaching some of the colours. This can indicate that the particular chakra is blocked and needs clearing. One way of helping with this is to wear a corresponding healing crystal or just to wear that partular colour.

I would love to hear if you find these exercises helpful.

Sleep well.

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