Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Craft Corner - neat at last!

I'm exhausted, and very achy but it was worth it!!!! My little corner is now organised.

My workstation exists in a corner of my kitchen, this is partly because it enables me to make jewellery while I make dinner and also because the four of us live in a very small bungalow. It is rather cluttered too, a fact that annoys lovely husband a great deal. Luckily we don't have too many outbursts about it, I think because he has had to put up with me for a long time now. If he lived alone he would probably have a bed, a reclining chair, a very large tv and his playstation! Whereas I have a bit of a problem throwing things away (I may need it, you never know!). It actually does annoy me but by then it is a huge problem to sort out so just gets left a bit longer!

Anyway, I have been struggling on in a disorganised manner with my desk being used as a dumping ground by everyone. I couldn't concentrate and my books kept falling over so I woke up yesterday and decided to do something about it. After dropping the bigger one at school, small boy and I went over to our local Argos and collected two small shelving units. On our return we then set about putting them together. This wasn't going too well until I braved the shed and went through lovely husbands tool box (shhhh!) There I found a ratchet screwdriver, what a wonderful thing, now I know his secret to fast flatpack building! Small boy was a great help, a little on the bossy side but he did well. We soon had both shelving units together.

Then came the part that always seems to happen. I began to clear my desk top and drawers so that I could place the new shelves on top and get organized. Where did all of this stuff come from, it kept piling up, falling over, piling up some more. That's when I hit the 'wish I hadn't started this' point! Even small boy had deserted me and gone off to watch tv in the lounge. But I soldiered on and finally managed to get everything put back and sorted. It looked fantastic!! I was so pleased. I sent a picture message to lovely husband to show him my handiwork. He sent a text reply saying ' looks nice!' 'NICE' He now regrets that remark!! He did admit on his return home that the pictures really don't do it justice and it is as wonderful as I first thought. Wonderful man.

So now, I have a lovely area which hopefully won't get cluttered again. An aching back and aching wrists and am exhausted from a terrible nights sleep but it was worth it.

Here is my corner.

What do you think?


Madam Salami said...

Wow it looks amazing - well worth the effort I'd say!
You are putting me to shame, I need to get my sewing room sorted - it’s being swallowed by a mountain of fabric, it’s obscene!

Sprinkles Sparkles said...

Blimey Henry - thats soo tidy!
Wish I had a proper desk now.

Good luck with keeping it tidy!
I give it a few days until there is someone elses junk on there... that they will clear away later on... in their own time!

FairlyGirly said...

Well Done! it beats my corner of the dining room table:)

enchanted quilling said...

What a thoroughly tidy nook you have! I think the less room you have the tidier you keep it.

I feel a bit guilty as I have a large study all to myself and I love to spread things everywhere, even on the floor you can find all colours of paper being matched with ribbon and who know's what!

I have two computer desks jammed packed, as well as a 2 shelf return table and have just bought a large 2 door cabinet to match.

I am trying to keep everything tidy but I really relish having all this room so I can let my creating forces flow free!

I would love to see your twitter background picture used for this blog, it conjures up a mystical journey one could experience by wandering along that path!

For me blogs are expressing and sharing your everday journey along the path you choose to take...

cheers Janice

The Crystal Lady said...

I have a dream to eventually have a room all to myself. May never happen but I can hope!
I would love to add my twitter background to my blog instead of the green but have no idea how to do it. Can anyone tell me?

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