Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day and Misi Wanderings

I would like to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all of those dedicated dads out there!! Especially, lovely husband who we all couldn't manage without. Hoping for a sunny, stress free day!!!! fingers crossed.

I feel a little slack as I missed out doing any Misi Wanderings last week. But not today!! Here are a selection of lovely items that caught my attention from the talented people on Misi.

Misi Wanderings

Said the spider to the fly wrist warmers by my lovely friend Madam Salami. These are really gorgeous.
Antique gold and chocolate baby booties by funkyshapes. These look comfy.
Full English Breakfast by sorbet surprise. I love making things in felt.
Nautical Pencil Roll by sillyoldbear. What a wonderful idea, the bigger one is always losing his pencils.

I seem to have a fabric theme going on today! I do have a large collection of sewing mounted up to do later though, maybe on my mind! I created another toy yesterday, will post a pic soon. It was a harhoo from In the Night Garden for the small boy. I lost concentration and put two of the coloured petals the wrong way round, and he noticed, bless him!!! He still likes it though.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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