Sunday, 7 June 2009

Busy little week!

Can't believe it's Sunday again!!.

Where has the week gone? Managed to get quite a bit done this week. Including having a lovely bar-b-que at mum and dads rained off yesterday! :-( Still had a lovely time though.

The lovely Zoe purchased a matching turquoise bracelet to go with the earrings she won. So pleased that she likes them. The carnelian earrings are also with their new owner hatsandmore. I wonder who will win the Malachite Bracelet?

A lady who I have made quite a few pieces for caught up with me at school on Friday. She said that she was desperate for an Amethyst Necklace. This was no problem but she then mentioned that she was really tired all the time. I asked her to pop into my house on her way home as I wasn't sure that it was really amethyst that she needed. (Yes, you've guessed it. I was think of my old friend Carnelian again) I asked her to take turns holding a string of amethyst and then a string of carnelian in her hand. Her reaction was immediate. "Definately Carnelian" she said, "I feel that I need it right now!" So after sending her off with an Amber tumblestone in her bra (yes, you read correctly) for her hayfever, I created a vibrant carnelian necklace which she was pleased to receive at school collection time. I was also thrilled to hear that she had also purchased some cheap store bought chip bracelets but had realised that they weren't anywhere near as potent as the ones that I make. She thinks it may be because I usually make them specifically for the person and could also be something that I channel into them. (Who knows, but if it works don't knock it! I certainly won't!)

Misi Wanderings time.
I had a bit of bother fitting them into a nice neat box this week so please forgive me the scrappy arrangement.

Knitted Gnome By RosyTint Isn't he fab, love his beard!
Moonlit Water By Vintage This is lovely, looks like it took alot of work.
Roses By Tinylittlepixie. I love Roses.
Framed Galaxy Abstract by Hotwaxart
Multi Strand Crystal Necklace by Herosandroses. Crocheted, can you believe it!

Well, bit of mixture there this week. Well done guys.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the malachite bracelet.


Zoe said...

I love my set too. lovely blog post, how do you do your pics like that?

The Crystal Lady said...

I use paint to make a sort of collage. Sometimes they just don't fit neatly though, like today. Ha!

Madam Salami said...

Yeah how do you get your pictures like that??

Great post, really love your choices. I also like Rachael's Gnome, the hot wax pictures and that crocheted necklace is beautiful.

Do you know I wear an amber ring and have done for about two years and my hayfever hasn't been as bad as it used to be!

The Crystal Lady said...

There you go, the magic of crystal healing! Amber is fabulous for allergies, particularly hayfever.

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