Monday, 22 June 2009

Peanut Butter Cake and a Har Hoo!!

Fathers Day seemed to go off without a hitch yesterday, the boys even fell asleep so that lovely husband could watch the Grand Prix. I seemed to spend most of the day cooking and washing up. By mid afternoon I realised that there wasn't a desert!! This would not do so decided to whip up some kind of cake. Now this was always going to be somewhat of a disaster as the electric oven in this house seems incapable of cooking a decent cake!!! I previously had a gas oven that made my cakes come out huge but not this one!! Alas, they are all somewhat flat and alot don't rise at all. But this did not deter me and the cake was made. Lovely husband wanted a bit of flavour so I decided to experiment and added a few large desert spoons of Peanut Butter to the mixture. It came out surpringly well, a little flat but not bad. I did overdo the buttercream though, with hindsight I would have left the top plain.

On Saturday, I also made another toy for small boy. He appears to have become quite fond of one of the Har Hoos from his favourite program, In the Night Garden. They seem to be large balloon like creatures that don't actually do anything but he liked one in particular. All seemed to be going well until I lost concentration and attached some of the petal like things the wrong way round. Lovely husband said he wouldn't notice but he did!!! Straight away. Not doing well am I, a tractor that should have had moveable wheels and a har hoo with the colours the wrong way round. Will I never learn!!!!

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FunkyJunkJewellery said...

Mmmm, peanut butter cake! That kind of thing could RUIN a woman - ruin I tells thee!! Thanks again for tagging me in that quiz - it was fun!

Hope to blog ya again soon! :D

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