Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hayfever and Crystal Spider Web Necklaces

Is it me or is everything particularly hectic at the moment? I wouldn't mind but I don't actually seem to be getting much done!

I thought I would impart a quick hayfever tip as I have been advising alot of people about it recently and it is rather useful. Ladies, if you suffer from hayfever either wear some Amber jewellery or stick an Amber tumble stone in your bra. (Yes, I did say in your bra! It is a quick and useful place to keep them!) After an experiment on Twitter the other day with my friend Madam Salami we discovered that Tigers Eye is also quite affective.
I am determined to list more items on Misi this week. I have been very lazy and just not got around to it. I thought I would be incredibly early for Halloween and list at least one of my favourite Swarovski Crystal Cobweb Necklaces. I have made three now. The first was using Black Diamond Crystals and was absolutely gorgeous, I sold it last year though so that won't be going on. After the sale I then created one in Crystal AB and one in Siam Red.

I changed my method for the latest two. They are all made using a wire frame but for the first one I used loads of small pieces all joined together. This was very fiddly and I wasn't sure of the security. By the time I had made the Crystal AB version I had found a much better method. I used two or three different lengths of wire at the same time so that there were no joins just different wires going in different directions. The end result is still extremely stunning, it was a real experience. They are beautiful for adding extra sparkle to any Halloween outfit. (I know its only June but I like to be organised)

It's hard to get a good photograph of them but they are very beautiful. The spider pendat is pewter.
I made a Halloween range last year, look out for some reappearing in Misi!! lol My favourite is my blood drop bracelet. My favourite colour!!!
Anyway, feeling a bit daft talking about all of this stuff now so will save the rest for later in the year.

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